A sweeping and unorthodox history of contemporary European politics
by Luuk van Middelaar

The Passage to Europe


Frankfurter Buchmesse, 19-23 October 2016
Flanders and The Netherlands are this year’s Guests of honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair. At the occasion of the publication by Suhrkamp of the book’s German edition — Vom Kontinent zur Union —, Luuk van Middelaar will present the book and his ideas at various fora. Programme here.

Berlin, 2 November 2016
Book launch event at the "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtigen Politik" (DGAP). More info here.

Berlin, 14 November 2016
In the series, “Das Ende Europas?”, Luuk van Middelaar in conversation with Prof. Heinz Bude at the famous Schaubühne, Berlin. More info here.


Berlin, 21 June 2016
Ahead of the upcoming German translation at Suhrkamp Verlag, Luuk van Middelaar engaged in a debate at the Dutch Embassy in Berlin with Thomas Bagger (Chief of Policy Planning, German Foreign Ministry) and Franziska Brantner MP (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen) on Europe’s driving forces and paths for change.

Amsterdam, 1-2 June 2016
As part of the Forum on European Culture, Rem Koolhaas and Luuk van Middelaar held a 12-hour non-stop marathon interview on Europe with a host of intellectuals, artists, authors, politicians, scientists and activists from across the continent on Europe’s qualities, discourses and critique. Interviews can still be viewed here.

To the Bosporus — Istanbul 13-15 November 2014
At the occasion of the launch of The Passage to Europe’s Turkish translation, the author gave talks and presentations at the Istanbul Book Fair, at Bilgi University and at the Dutch Consulate.

Frankfurt, 14 October 2014
At the Frankfurt Book Fair 2014, The Passage to Europe’s German language rights were sold to Suhrkamp Verlag. As the publisher of Jürgen Habermas, Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Ulrich Beck and many other voices in the German debate on Europe, Suhrkamp said to be confident to offer an excellent context for the book. Publication foreseen in 2016.

Continental encounters, autumn 2014
On 7 October, at the Goethe Institute in Brussels, Luuk van Middelaar debated with Berlin historian and essay writer Karl Schlögel on Europe’s power, identity and borders. The event will be broadcasted by ARD radio.
On 18 October, at the NECE Conference in Vienna on "Europe’s conflicts: 1914-2014", the author spoke on Europe after the Ukraine crisis and debated with Vienna-based intellectuals Ivan Krastev (Bulgaria) and Philipp Blomm (Germany).

5 June 2014
Yale University Press released the first international paperback edition of The Passage to Europe. Unabridged and more affordable!

17 April 2014, Tallinn (Estonia)
Presentation of the Estonian translation of The Passage to Europe in Tallinn. The event was attended by many students and a number of candidate MEPs.

11 April 2014, Rennes (France)
The author had a public conversation on Europe with former French Foreign minister Hubert Védrine in front of a 1000 person audience in the Théâtre National de Bretagne in Rennes. It was the opening event of the Forum de Rennes 2014, organised by French daily Libération.

27 Feb - 2 March 2014 - New York and Boston
The author participated in the European Conference 2014 of Harvard University, in a talk with Ayaan Hirsi Ali (pictured right). At the occasion he also gave talks at Columbia University and at Boston University, on 27 and 28 February.

27-29 November 2013 – Passage to España
The author visited Spain to launch El Paso Hacia Europa (Galaxia Gutenberg publishers) at a number of public and private events.
On 28 November, he debated in Madrid at the Fundación Carlos de Amberes with political commentator José Ignacio Torreblanca.
On 29 November he presented the book in Barcelona at the Cercle d'Economia.

26 September - 1 October 2013 – From New York to Washington DC
To mark the book's US launch, Luuk van Middelaar was publicly interviewed by Foreign Affairs journalist Cameron Abadi at the Dutch Consulate-General in New York. The next day, on 27 September, he gave a lecture at Princeton University, with respondents Andrew Moravcsik (Princeton) and Daniel Kelemen (Rutgers). Moving further south to Washington DC, on 30 September, he entered into conversation with David Rennie (The Economist) at the German Marshall Fund of the US (photo; more info here). The day after, still in DC, he spoke at the Center for Transatlantic Relations of SAIS, Johns Hopkins University.

15 July 2013 – Summer readings!
In the Financial Times' Summer books guide, global affairs columnist Gideon Rachman ranks Passage to Europe among the top political books of the year. In the summer suggestions of Carnegie Europe, CER fellow Hugo Brady says The Passage is "perhaps the definitive book on the EU, and unusually well-written". And in the blog of Spanish daily El País, foreign affairs columnist José Ignacio Torreblanco selects the book in the top-three summer readings, remarking The Passage "seems to have turned into obligatory bedside book for European leaders".

13 June 2013 – Waterstones, Brussels
The author presented The Passage in English-language bookshop Waterstones, in dialogue with Luke Baker (Reuters' Brussels bureau chief). More info here.

12 June 2013 – ECFR, London
Luuk van Middelaar joined a panel debate on "Europe and its citizens: the end of the affair?" with Mark Reckless MP and Prof Simon Hix (LSE), chaired by Mark Leonard, director of the European Council on Foreign Relations. More info here.

6 June 2013 – EPC, Brussels
The author was guest in the ‘Visions for Europe’ series of the European Policy Centre. More info here.

15 May 2013 – Webbed, world-wide
At the day of its UK release, the book's joint publishers launched a website for and about The Passage to Europe. Patrick Everard (Historische Uitgeverij) said on their behalf: "We wanted the site to reflect the book's truly European character -- hence the multiplicity of languages."

14 May 2013 – CER & LSE, London
At the occasion of the launch of the English translation by Yale University Press, the Centre for European Reform in London organised a high-level roundtable on The Passage. Later that day, Luuk van Middelaar spoke at the London School of Economics in a conversation moderated by John Peet (The Economist). More info here.

9 May 2013 – Palazzo Vecchio, Florence
At Europe Day, Luuk van Middelaar spoke on ‘institutional solutions for problem solving’ at the annual State of the Union conference in Florence, organised by the European University Institute, alongside Mario Monti, José Manuel Barroso, David Miliband and others. More info here.

12 January 2013 – Wrong shelve?
In a Brussels bookshop, The Passage to Europe was seen in close proximity to the erotic novel and global bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey. Van Middelaar reacted: "Why the surprise? My whole point is that Europe is not black and white."

BOZAR bookshop

23 January 2012 – French launch in BOZAR Brussels
In a packed room of the Brussels culture temple BOZAR, the publication Le Passage à l’Europe was the occasion for a debate on Europe between Belgian minister Paul Magnette, political philosopher Philippe Van Parijs and the author, moderated by Le Monde correspondent Philippe Ricard. European Council President Herman Van Rompuy addressed the audience on book and author in a video message.

18 January 2012 – Paris launch at Sciences-Po
At the occasion of the French translation, in an event organised by the Fondation pour l'innovation politique at the premises of Sciences-Po Paris, French political philosopher Marcel Gauchet (as the editor of Gallimard’s ‘Bibliothèque des Idées’), former MEP Jean-Louis Bourlanges and Fondapol director Dominique Reynié engaged in a discussion with the author of Le Passage, chaired by French historian Christophe de Voogd.

1 July 2011 – Polish hand­over
In Warsaw, at the start of the first Polish Presidency of the EU Council, Prime-minister Donald Tusk was pleased to receive a copy of Przejście do Europy from the author, in the presence of the European Council President. Later that day, Van Middelaar was interviewed by Polish news channel TVP Info.

24 June 2011 – On the way to Budapest
At a Brussels press conference following a European Council summit, Hungarian Prime-minister Viktor Orban was seen with The Passage's Hungarian translation.

14-15 April 2011 – Budapest Literature
At the occasion of the Hungarian book launch, the author of Valahogy Európába spoke at the annual Literature festival in Budapest and participated in a panel debate on European identity and the ‘EU-novel’ with writers Jens Christian Grøndahl, György Spiró and Vassilis Vassilikos, chaired by György Konrád.

14-18 October 2009 – Buchmesse, Frankfurt
At the Frankfurt Book Fair 2009, publisher Patrick Everard (Historische Uitgeverij, pictured right) started De passage's international campaign.

18 May 2009 – Book launch at the Binnenhof, The Hague
Launch of De passage naar Europa in the centre of Dutch politics, in press centre Nieuwspoort at the Binnenhof, in The Hague. The author handed over the first two copies to NRC Handelsblad’s J.L. Heldring, the country’s unrivalled chronicler of international politics, and to Europe minister Frans Timmermans, who both spoke eloquently. In the audience, among many others, opposition leader (and future Prime-minister) Mark Rutte. Read the full speech of J.L. Heldring here (in Dutch).

Prof.dr. P.J.G. Kapteyn, former judge at the European Court of Justice and member of the jury, addressing the promovendus. Prof.dr. P.J.G. Kapteyn, former judge at the European Court of Justice and member of the jury, addressing the promovendus.

13 May 2009 – Starting shot at the University of Amsterdam
The official defence of the book’s PhD-version took place in the Aula of the University of Amsterdam. Luuk van Middelaar crossed swords with an eminent jury composed of prof.dr. J.W. de Beus, prof.dr. M.C. Brands, prof.dr. W.T. Eijsbouts, prof.dr. P.J.G. Kapteyn, prof.dr. J.Q.Th. Rood, dr. E.P. Wellenstein, and chaired by his director of studies, prof.dr. A.J.J. (Ton) Nijhuis, director of the UvA’s Duitsland Instituut – with a cum laude as result.